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Dia Frampton

Some of you may have heard of this little show called The Voice. Anyways on season one there was a contestant by the name of Dia Frampton and she was awesome! Basically, I fell in love but unfortunately our relationship couldn’t withstand the distance and the small hurdle of me never meeting her. So after I dried my tears off of the television screen I was able to bounce back and move on with my life. or so I thought…

I discovered that she was going to be playing at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor and I thought this is my chance. So I went to the art board and started to paint her portrait, because that is what sane, even headed people do.

I get to the concert and she plays a great show. I made sure that the portrait was sent back stage. She shouts out to the crowd that she wants to play for a very special person. My ears perk up, my heart begins to beat like a horse on race day. Could it be? I ask myself. I am just about ready to charge my way on to that stage when all the sudden…

She calls out the name of some little twerp who gave her a shout out on the street that morning by some coffee shop. heart = shattered. a little shout out versus my kick ass painting. Dia you broke my heart once again. I can only assume that she didn’t receive the painting till after the show. But at least she made it up to me with her little twitter and Facebook shout outs. Perhaps there is hope for us yet.

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