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Luxury Updated Homes

James Danley along with other investors manage Luxury Updated Homes They have been acquiring property in the Bloomfield Hills area of Michigan and renovating the properties in a more contemporary, luxurious style. He acquired my services to help design some signage for the brand as well as documenting properties, and creating some print advertisements and flyers.

James was very clear that he wanted Luxury Updated homes to represent a classy, modern brand that has been created to serve its community by renovating dated properties and bring them up to a level for the 21st century family. Because James is a classy guy himself I decide to align the brand with his personality, and sense of style. I looked to a lot of high fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Armani, and Calvin Kline. I was very drawn to the futura-light typeface that is implored by Calvin Kline and decided to use that as the foundation to build from. Elegant line, and strong angles seemed to be a good direction to go graphically, so that is what informed the bulk of the rest of the deliverables that I generated for the brand.

Over all it was a great experience and a joy to work with the company. I had great time and I am very happy that James and the team liked what we came up with.

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