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Haven is by far one of my more ambitious projects to date. It is a narrative concept that I have spent the better part of 6 months crafting. It chronicles the adventures of the last remnants of the human race.

Essentially, the story is constructed around a host of characters. Aliens, humans, spirits, and “gods” the plot of the first installment is as follows

The Earth is dying, there is little food left on the planet. It has been ravaged by war, plague and pollution. Now all that remains is just a few hundred thousand. The future of the human race looks bleak and one man is desperate to provide for his young family. They live under the oppressive rule of a small group of the remnant military.  As the last flickers of hope begin to pass away, something happens

The heavens part like a curtain. The clouds become filled with a crimson violet just before a columns of light crash towards the earth. Every living soul is caught up in the pillars of light and vanishes. They are transported by inexplicable means to a new world populated by beings with seemingly godlike power.

They offer their world as a haven for mankind as well as other races to rebuild what they have lost. Their priesthood volunteers their time to teach the remnant of mankind the laws and creeds that have helped them endure for so long, and to achieve such godlike levels of technology.

The world itself is very familiar to that of earth, with a few unique qualities. On this world buildings are not constructed, but grown from the ground. The people of this world have also developed a technology that allows them to have a living, cellular atmosphere that responds to the will of their minds. but the people of this new world are holding a secret. There is a threat underway and the humans might be the key that they are looking for.


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