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Alright, today we are going to be discussing development. quite recently a friend of mine needed some help designing a logo for his blog Boost Search Marketing, go check it out if you have a hot second.

Anyways so he sends me the thumbnail above and it more than enough to go off of. He also gives me the freedom to do one of my own as well. I turn on Illustrator, wing bang boom, done. It looks great, he likes them I like them move on.

Fast forward to about 2 weeks later I get a contacted again asking for a redesign, conceptual changes, formatting changes, basically a redesign from the ground up. And so the intrepid journey began again. With every new revision, another piece of the puzzle fell into place, longer, more aggressive, more angular, even more aggressive. At the end of our little journey we got to a place where we were both satisfied with the product.


The moral of the story for all you Art Directors out there, have a clear vision of what you are going for. If your not sure what it is going to look like don’t expect the Illustrator to get it 100%, impart as much of your vision as you can and then let the artist work they are talented people and more often then not they have good instincts.

For all you Illustrators/ Graphic Designers out there, ask as many specific questions as you can. You want to absolutely nail what your client is asking for, not because you want to get paid but because you want them to come back to you again and again and again. And be pleasant nothing is more off putting to a client than an artist who is cranky and difficult because they didn’t like your idea.

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