Design. Film. Illustration

Luke A. Clayton 2.0

I would like to begin this blog with a very humble hello to all of you out there. I suppose the most obvious question to ask is what is this blog about? What should you expect to see in the coming future. So since I only have 1.2 seconds to grab your attention before you hope on to look at something else all I can say is it will be a lot of me. Thankfully I am comprised of about only 3 basic elements Design, Art, and Film. Everything else is just meat and bones, which, lets face it, is not all that interesting. You may even get a rant or two out of me…

Oh who are we kidding this whole damn blog is probably going to be a rant, but hopefully at its very least an amusing rant. Alright, I think that does it for me so see you on the flip side.



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